»Interactions between Land Management, Climate Change and Ecosystem Services«  
  Quarterly Letter | Issue 23 | 9th of May 2017  

Dear colleagues,

In this issue 23 of our Quarterly Letter we list again interesting news and a couple of publications that have been produced within the individual projects of the Sustainable Land Management programme.

Furthermore we would like to point out the video clips that have been produced in collaboration with WOCAT and SuLaMa and INNOVATE. Those videos are available online here. The clips of COMTESS and KULUNDA will follow.

We hope you enjoy reading and watching.

Kindest regards,
The GLUES Scientific Coordination Team

  Sustainable Land Management News  
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  Selected Publications and Products  



Cebrián-Piqueras, M.A., Karrasch, L., Kleyer, M. (2017):  Coupling stakeholder assessments of ecosystem services with biophysical ecosystem properties reveals importance of social contexts.





Siegmund-Schulze, M.(2017): Guidance manual. A compilation of actor-relevant content extracted from scientific results of the INNOVATE project.

Rocha Filho G.B., Araújo Filho J.C., Carvalho R.M.C.M.O., Araújo M.S.B., Frutuoso M.N.M.A., Brandão S.S.F. (2016): Potencial agroecológico do município de Itacuruba, Pernambuco, Brasil.
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Firoz, ABM., Nauditt, A., Fink, M., Ribbe, L. (2017): Quantifying human impacts on hydrological drought using a combined modelling  approach in a tropical river basin in Central Vietnam.

Laux, P., Nguyen Phuong, N. B., Cullmann, J., Tan, Phan, V., Kunstmann, H. (2017): How many RCM ensemble members provide confidence in the impact of land-use land cover change?

Pedroso, R., Dang, H. T., Minh Hoa N. T., An Van L., Ribbe, L., Khoa, T. D., Khac, Phuc, L. (2017): Cropping systems in the Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin, Central Vietnam: On farmers’ stubborn persistence in predominantly cultivating rice.

Avitabile V., Schultz, M., Herold, N., de Bruin, S., Kumar Pratihast, A., Pham Manh, C. (2016): Carbon emissions from land cover change in Central Vietnam.

Nauditt, A., Ribbe, L. (Eds.), (2016): Land Use and Climate Change Interactions in Central Vietnam (LUCCi), Springer book series Water Resources Development and Management.
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Feldt, T., Antsonantenainarivony, O.,  Schlecht, E. (2017): Feed selection on dry rangelands in southwestern Madagascar: implications for ruminant nutrition in view of ecological and social challenge.


Hänke. H., Barkmann, J. (2017): Insurance Function of Livestock: Farmer’s Coping Capacity with Regional Droughts in South-Western Madagascar.


Hänke, H., Barkmann, J., Coral, C., Enfors Kaustky, E., Marggraf, R. (2017): Social-ecological traps hinder rural development in southwestern Madagascar. 


Nopper, J., Ranaivojaona, A., Riemann, J.C., Rödel, M-O., Ganzhorn, J.U. (2017): The contribution of community-based natural resource management to biodiversity conservation in Madagascar.


  Upcoming Events  

29.05.17 - 01.06.17
International Interdisciplinary Conference "Land Use and Water Quality" 2017
The Hague, the Netherland



27.06.17 - 29.06.17
BfN/ENCA European Conference on “Biodiversity and Health in the Face of Climate Change
Bonn, Germany


20.08.17 - 23.08.17
Resilience 2017 conference
Stockholm, Sweden


02.10.17 - 04.10.17
Quo vaditis | agriculture, forestry and society under Global Change?
Velke Karlovice, Czech Republic



07.11.17 - 10.11.17
PECS 2017 conference
Oaxaca, Mexico



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